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Full Miniature Model Trees

It might sound like an oxymoron but when you want a nice full miniature tree for your model or layout sagebrush is a great option. This style of tree is a nice option for your traditional oak, fruit or maple style trees.
Miniature Model Tree

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 Just got my order yesterday, and I just wanted to say “Beautiful”, those clippings are outstanding.
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They are outstanding!

Narrow Miniature Trees

Narrow Miniature model trees are also easy to find with Sagebrush. This style is often found in smaller sizes from 2 inches up to 10 inches and sometimes as large as 18 inches.

Sagebrush is a great option for making miniature model trees. It is a real natural product so every model tree you create from these armatures will have a very real look and feel. No matter what scale you are working with we can provide you with the model tree armatures you need. We offer sagebrush and juniper armatures for the hobbyist, modeler or engineer. Sagebrush is a favorite for miniature model trees because of its unique growth pattern that mimics real trees.

You can select a style or category above and place your order for the model trees that best fit for your project. We often ship out the same day your order is placed if placed before 10 am mountain time. If you are shipping outside of the lower 48 US states there will be additional costs for shipping.