HO Scale Miniature Trees

Many of my trees have been used for HO scale models. It is probably the most popular scale out there as you would know and so most of the orders I get are for that size. I wanted to share some images from one such layout to show you how these trees look compared to the plastic model trees available on the market. HO scale trees will vary in size and of course styles. Once thing is certain, there just isn’t anything quite like using a real natural product for your layout. This first image isn’t the┬ábest and I hope to get more in the future to show you but it is enough to give you the general idea of quality difference.

Ho Scale Model Trees Comparison

Click for larger image

The color is something that can be worked with through simply painting so if you desire to have a more brown look to your trunk or trees you can make that adjustment with just a quick spray from a can os spray paint or if you prefer using hand painting with a brush. The size you desire will depend on what you hope to accomplish with your HO scale trees. Smaller trees may be great for a fruit orchard while larger trees like the one above can be used for presenting large trees near buildings or in parks. There is more variance in Ho scale trees than you might realize.

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