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Juniper Tree Armatures
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Utah Cedar and Utah Juniper are often great trees to use for mini trees for your diorama. I have found some trees that have many branches that offer a great presentation when creating miniature trees. Traditionally the Juniper has few branching pieces but once in a while you find a tree with many branches. No matter what style you prefer we can offer you the perfect pieces for your project.
Below are some samples of Utah Juniper branches for tree armatures. This is another great option for realistic diorama trees. They are available in many sizes from HO to 1/12 scale. Of course the larger the tree the fewer I can fit in a box to ship but I will do my best to provide you with the best model tree armatures in the world.
Juniper grows different from sagebrush and so will not offer small tree options but for larger dioramas it can be a great option. The examples shown on this page are between 8 to 20 inches tall and will make fine trees for your layout.
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