Miniature Model Trees Options

I can collect model trees for you of any size and from a variety of materials. The most popular option is the sagebrush tree armatures. These armatures will allow you to create some of the most realistic model trees for your display. Sagebrush is a natural material and since it has actually lived it will have the most realistic look. Plastic model trees simply can’t compare to model trees made from natural materials.

Miniature Model Tree

Typical Full Style Miniature Model Tree

You can choose the style of tree you want by clicking on the images here on this page or through our navigation at the top.

I can collect Model Trees for any project. I cut the trees after the order is placed and carefully package them in a plastic bag before placing them in a box for shipping. I have shipped my trees all over the country and even to other countries. They always arrive in great condition and my customers are always happy. I’d love to feature pictures of your model trees once you complete your project so send me some photos of what you do with them.

If you have a special request for a certain feel you are looking for or a type of tree you want to achieve with your model trees let me know and I will work to cut exactly what you need for your order. I am able to cut the trees, package them and ship them very quickly. Sometimes orders can go out the next day. I do work a full time job as well though so please give me as much time as possible to complete your order.