Preserved HO Scale Trees

I was out cutting some sagebrush for an order yesterday when I came upon an idea. I looked closely at the Juniper trees that are abundant in my area and noticed that many of their branches looked like great options for miniature trees. Closer inspection showed me that sure enough these could be used for

HO Scale Miniature Trees

Many of my trees have been used for HO scale models. It is probably the most popular scale out there as you would know and so most of the orders I get are for that size. I wanted to share some images from one such layout to show you how these trees look compared to

Sagebrush Model Tree Armatures

Sagebrush is a great option for model tree armatures. It doesn’t matter what scale you prefer, I can provide you with the armatures you need. I can get many variations of size and style model trees with sagebrush, juniper or even some other plants from the Utah desert. Sagebrush is a favorite to many modelers for making