Preserved HO Scale Trees

I was out cutting some sagebrush for an order yesterday when I came upon an idea. I looked closely at the Juniper trees that are abundant in my area and noticed that many of their branches looked like great options for miniature trees. Closer inspection showed me that sure enough these could be used for HO scale trees and up to just about any size probably.

Then I remembered that you can keep plants supple with glycerin and that offers a whole new level to the trees you add to your layout. I will add some pictures of these trees for you to evaluate yourself for look. If you are interested in ordering some of these new style of trees as an option let me know and I’ll make sure to get you a good group of them.
HO Scale TreesHO Scale Miniature Juniper Tree

I also have some resources for you to look at for how to preserve them:

How to Preserve Fall Leaves and Branches with Glycerin

Glycerin from Amazon:


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