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My sagebrush tree armatures will make the best trees for any display. They are the most realistic you can get because they are real natural material. Get the trees that will make your display pop!

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3"-4" Miniature Sagebrush Tree

3″-4″ Miniature Sagebrush Tree

Sagebrush Tree Armatures

Sagebrush Miniature Trees Armatures 6-10 inches

Narrow Style Sagebrush Tree Armatures

Narrow Style Sagebrush Tree Armature

Order Full Style Miniature Trees Order Narrow Style Miniature Trees 

If you would like to order different quantities or sizes just email me for a custom quote and I’ll be happy to provide whatever you need. Mike@modeltreestore.com

Using your Sagebrush Tree Armatures

Sagebrush tree armatures are great for your model train layout or other diorama display. I offer a large variety of sagebrush for model tree armatures. Select the size and style you desire and I will carefully cut and ship them to you right away. Shipping costs are always included in the price so what you see is the total price and you will always end up with more sagebrush than you order. I try to include some extra deadfall material that can be used on your layout as well.

I can provide these tree armatures in many different sizes so don’t pay attention to the rulers in the images. Select the size you want the quantity you would like. if you have specific ideas or want to send me images of the trees you are trying to mimic you can email me any pictures and I’m happy to help you create the perfect display for your purposes.

If you have any problems or questions just email Mike@ModelTreeStore.com

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