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Model Trees Made Easy

Model trees are an important part of a layout for any modeling. Whether you are working to create the perfect model train layout or just creating a small diorama, trees make the scene pop. Model trees are available in a number of formats. You can buy the cheap plastic variety that come in dozens for a few dollars and have all your trees look the same with slight variations and ability to manipulate. The image below is an example of such an assortment.

You can buy those that have wire in the branches for a small amount of customization or you can get real creative and create your own with wire, clay and other materials. The options are only limited by your imagination. With a bit of artistic ability, you can really create something unique with many different mediums. With a little paint, you can create a final product that offers a tree that you will appreciate.

Of course, nature will always trump anything you can create, because after all, nature is what you are trying to mimic isn’t it? That is why model trees made from natural materials such as sagebrush make some of the best scenery available. With sagebrush you actually have a grown natural product that is always unique. Sagebrush already has the natural texture and every single piece is unique. Sagebrush can be used for creating trees as small as 1 inch tall or if desired, taller than 2 feet! The samples below show a 3 inch tree, a 1.25 inch tall model tree and a 2.2 inch tall model tree in front with a tall 9 inch tree in the back.

Model Trees

Since sagebrush grows in a variety of shapes, there are many different options available when it comes to creating the model tree that you need to create the perfect touch for your layout.

These tree armatures are also great options for architectural design models and any other diorama you may need. They are even a great option for wargaming enthusiasts as you can see from the image below. Check out my shop for the size you want and let me know if you have a certain design or style that you want to achieve. I can find something that will work for pretty much any deciduous tree you need. Pine trees are not as common a shape in sagebrush unless you are looking for the pinion pine or ponderosa which might be similar to what you see above.

Model Trees For Wargaming
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Rod Stewarts Model Railroad Addiction

Did you hear about Rod Stewarts “Addiction”? 23 years in the making (or 26 depending on your source) and takes up an entire floor in his mansion! “When I take on something creative like this, I have to give it 110%,” he told Railway Modeller magazine. It encompasses 1500 square feet. It’s 23 feet wide by 124 feet long (15 Meters). One of his quotes stated that had he known what was involved when he got started, he wouldn’t have done it. It turns out however, that he is not a quitter because once he got started he was addicted.

He would even take parts of it with him on tour and work on it in his hotel room. The layout includes 1.5 meter high sky scrapers, hand painted bricks and a city full of all you would expect for a model railway.