Miniature Trees for all Scales, Layouts and Dioramas

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Sagebrush is an excellent choice for miniature trees no matter what type of scene you are creating. There are many options to trees you can mimic with Sagebrush. You can recreate pretty much any deciduous tree with a sagebrush armature. Sagebrush gives you one of the most realistic looks to your miniature trees because it is a real plant. The nature of it’s growth will provide an amazing likeness to the full size real tree in miniature form.


Where to use our Model Trees:

  • Model railways
  • Diorama models
  • Architectural models
  • Doll house models

Some examples of designs that sagebrush can offer:

Miniature Trees from Sagebrush

Miniature Tree Armature about 4″-5″

4″ to 5″ is a good size to find a lot of realistic shape and variation in sagebrush miniatures. This size is a great option for you if you are looking for large trees for your HO or N scale layout.

3"-4" Miniature Sagebrush Tree

3″-4″ Miniature Sagebrush Tree

A popular form for miniature trees is your average deciduous tree armature. This form is very universal and readily available in the shapes you will find from sagebrush.

1"-2" Miniature Trees

1″-2″ Miniature Trees

This format is a great option for small decorative trees or poplars. Many sagebrush plants will offer forms for a tall narrow miniature tree armature.

Small 2-3 Inch Sagebrush Armature

1″-2″ Miniature Sagebrush Armature

The smaller size miniatures are a great option for smaller HO and N scale tree armatures. This size presents some challenges in locating just the right option but offers many great shapes and varieties to work with.

If you would like to place a special order for a larger quantity of miniature trees please email me at and I will be happy to provide you with a quote. I pride myself in providing high quality tree armatures for the modeling industry in record time. While your miniatures are cut and gathered after your order, there will be very little delay in getting your shipment. Even large orders of 500-1000 trees are generally shipped within a week of receiving payment.

I will continue to create more content and information about using our miniature trees in your model railroad or other modeling endeavors. I’ve enjoyed working with all of you and learning about this exciting hobby of modeling. I think I’ll be using some model trees at home before too long. I love the idea and think I would rather have the kids working with such an interactive and creative hobby so thanks for bringing that interest into my life with this business!