Sagebrush is a great option for making miniature model trees for All Scale Model Trees. It is a real, natural product so every model tree you create from these sagebrush armatures will have a very real look and feel. No matter what scale you are working with we can provide you with the model tree armatures you need. We offer sagebrush and juniper armatures for the hobbyist, modeler or engineer. Sagebrush is a favorite for miniature model trees because of its unique growth pattern that mimics real trees. You will get compliment after compliment for your layout with these trees with very little effort. There is no need to glue paper to wires or bend wires to look like branches. The branching is already there and every single tree will be unique because it is cut from a real plant.

As a Model Railroader customer you will receive a discount on every order you make. Just use the discount code MRR for 10% off your order. Don’t forget, we can cut realistic armatures for All Scale Model Trees so no matter what size you are looking for, from 1 inch tall to 24 inches or taller we can help you create the model you desire. If you need a custom order or size that is not offered, just email and we will get what you need.

You can select a style or category above and place your order for the model trees that best fit for your project. We often ship out the same day your order is placed if placed before 10 am mountain time. If you are shipping outside of the lower 48 US states there will be additional costs for shipping. You will love these sagebrush trees for your layout. Don’t forget, we can work with all scale model trees so let us know what your next project is.