12 Inch Model Trees Large Sagebrush Armatures X5



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12 inch model trees from Utah sagebrush. (Lot of 5)

These large Model Tree Armatures are perfect for your layout. These model armatures are for bigger trees on an HO or larger scale layout or diorama. Sagebrush tree armatures are a great option if you need a group of larger trees. Because sagebrush is a natural grown product, it makes the most realistic model trees for any diorama, layout or architectural project needing large 12 inch model trees. Since they are actually grown as natural material, every single armature is guaranteed unique with no effort from you.

You will love the look of these sagebrush model trees and they will give to your layout a very realistic feel. Each tree armature is carefully selected and cut to give the most real tree look. No matter what size you need, I can deliver the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for 12 inch model trees or a smaller size, you will always get the most realistic model tree armatures available when you buy from ModelTreeStore.com. Join our many thousands of happy buyers and enjoy the most realistic model tree armatures available anywhere in the world.

These armatures are large size at just over 12 inches in height. Each order is a lot of 5 model tree armatures.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in


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