15 Inch O Scale Model Trees Armatures X5


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I cut each order of 15 Inch O Scale Model Trees with great care to assure a flat bottom and clean tree design for each order, so you are always getting a very custom and realistic product. Sagebrush model trees are the way to go for a super realistic look with little effort. Since you are receiving a part of a real plant, the foundation look is already there, material and all!

Look no further for model trees for your O scale layout. These 15 inch sagebrush model trees/armatures are perfect for any layout or design. Why is sagebrush is the best option to create the most realistic model trees? Because it comes from a real plant and is actually grown in nature. These model trees are natural material that have grown into the different shapes and styles that nature has to offer. This is why you will love every order of model trees/armatures from ModelTreeStore.com. You will only get the best, most realistic model trees available when you buy from me. Join the many thousands of happy customers all over the globe and enjoy your 15 inch O scale model trees.

*Each order contains 5 15 inch model trees, armatures only, with no greenery.

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in


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