Rod Stewarts Model Railroad Addiction

Did you hear about Rod Stewarts “Addiction”? 23 years in the making (or 26 depending on your source) and takes up an entire floor in his mansion! “When I take on something creative like this, I have to give it 110%,” he told Railway Modeller magazine. It encompasses 1500 square feet. It’s 23 feet wide by 124 feet long (15 Meters). One of his quotes stated that had he known what was involved when he got started, he wouldn’t have done it. It turns out however, that he is not a quitter because once he got started he was addicted.

He would even take parts of it with him on tour and work on it in his hotel room. The layout includes 1.5 meter high sky scrapers, hand painted bricks and a city full of all you would expect for a model railway.

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